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Haiti Trip 2024

Peniel Guerrier has been bringing students and travelers to Haiti for over 10 years, since settling in the United States. Haiti’s beauty and its art, music and dance are often overshadowed by the media’s attention to its problems rather than its strengths. The Haitian tourist industry can only improve if potential travelers to the country can experience not only its geographic beauty, its lush mountains and pristine beaches, but also its energizing and distinctive musical rhythms, it’s spiritually uplifting folkloric dances and its multifaceted fine arts expressions.

Join Peniel on a one of a kind trip. Take part in daily dance and drum classes and learn about the history of Haiti and the traditions that have been preserved and passed down through the generations. Take in the diverse landscape as we travel to historical places and explore the beauty of the vast countryside as well as the bustling city.

20230412_122809_Original (1).jpg

Cost: $3000 USD

Deposit: $1000

When: Monday, April 22nd - Sunday, April 28th


Cost includes:

*RT airfare from NYC - Haiti

*Hotel accommodations 

*Two meals per day

*Dance, Drum, and Theory classes

*Entrance fees for daily excursions

Email to register:

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