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Daniel Désir, a native of Haiti, is an accomplished and inspired dancer, choreographer. His research interests include culture and education. He holds an elementary teaching education from Ecole Normale De Martissant and a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from National Louis University.

His journey through dance started in 1986 on the island of Haiti where he mastered Haitian traditional folk dances and learned to incorporate this style with contemporary and modern styles. Daniel dancing, teaching and choreographing experience includes the Grand Ballet Folklorique (GBF) Tamboula d’Haiti, the Haitian American Contemporary Dance Theatre, the Alixanon Dance Company, the Lynn Williams Rouzier Academy of Dance, the Ballet Folklorique d’Haiti (BFH), the Harambee Dance Ensemble at Barry University in Miami Shores, FL, the Ayizan Kréyòl, a Haitian dance troop in Miami FL., the West Indian Folk Dance Company (WIFD) in Chicago, Najwa Dance Corps, and Hedwig Dances.

Daniel considers dance as “a gift of God and it must be executed to honor who has created it. This fusion of the body and soul allows the ability to attain mental and moral stability through discipline and also to develop the expression of beauty and creativity. Dancing is not only a way to entertain the audience or a way to help them escape their constraints and disappointments; but to help understand the universal events of life.” His works are an unpredictable fusion of ethnic dance disciplines, modern and contemporary blended with traditional Haitian folk dances and rhythms, accentuated by religious symbolism. This unique form of dance mesmerizes dance professionals and audiences alike.

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