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Shérane Figaro is a dancer, choreographer and teacher based in Laval (Canada). She works with different groups of dancers teaching them the basics of traditional Haitian dance, especially for creation purposes. After more than 25 years working as a dancer, Shérane founded her dance company Aurée Danse-Création in 2009. With her company, Shérane presents choreographic works that bring together tradition and contemporaneity (Contemporary Haitian dance). As a choreographer, Shérane is very interested in the application of the afro-Haitian movements in a creative process to talk about social and human issues.

Through the ESANS Technique that she has designed, Shérane approaches transmission by questioning the lines, movements and virtuosity according to the basics of traditional Haitian dance. Shérane uses her technique not only to teach dancers, but also to help different people who need to use movement and dance in a somatic approach.

Dance classes by Shérane Figaro (Canada) :

ESANS Technique classes, from Tuesday to Saturday:

Montreal: classes for adult

Laval: classes for children

Traditional Haitian dance (All levels):

Friday and Saturday in Montreal

ESANS Dance Project (creation project) for advanced dancers

Audition required

For information about schedule and prices, please contact:

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