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Kriye bode is a term that signifies the call to participate. Kriye bode calls people together to dance, sing, drum, and rejoice in the energy of life as a community. As the artistic fou​nder of Kriye bode, Peniel Guerrier has been bringing this Haitian experience to the people of New York since 2006. Every year the program grows and becomes more enriching than the previous year. 

2020 was a year like no other. We weren't able to bring Kriye Bode to the stage but we came together as a community and brought Haitian dance to all corners of the world through KB Minokan, a virtual dance workshop. Master teachers in Haitian dance taught weekly from August 13th to September 13th. It was an amazing example of what can be accomplished when we use our collective energy to educate, promote and preserve Haitian culture. 

           2020 also brought a new set of challenges. It was time to start listening to the message that nature was trying convey. It was Peniel's mission to continue the ideology of Kriye Bode so in 2021 Peniel introduced Kase Dans. Kase Dans is a program designed by Peniel in an effort to further the education, preservation and promotion of Haitian Culture. Kase represents a transition, a break, a beginning. This program is a continuation of the work Peniel has been doing during the pandemic. Creating a new language for Haitian dance that will help to preserve the culture.  

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