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"Peniel is highly regarded as a teacher because of his thoroughness, kindness, and the individual attention he gives to students of all levels."


Kasé Dans

Kasé Dans is a 1 year course created by Peniel.  This program will help students explore the field of Haitian dance, vodou, and folkloric music while also providing the fundamental knowledge needed to perform and teach the basic principles of Haitian folkloric music, dance and tradition. 

Music education * Learn how to play basic rhythms on each of the 3 main drums used in Haitian dance. Understand the role that each instrument has in order to function as a "family".  

Dance * History, origin, meaning, spirits, symbols, and materials used for ceremony. Exploring the differences between ritual and folkloric dances. The importance of connection between the music and the dance.

Performance Prep & Choreography * Translating music and dance from ceremony to stage.

Weekly Class Schedule 

Thursdays 7:30pm @ Fit4Dance21 Snyder Ave. Brooklyn, NY

Fridays  6:00pm @ Peridance 126 E. 13th St. NY, NY 

Saturdays 11:00am @ Fit4Dance
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