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Laura Beaubrun

Laura Beaubrun is a dancer/choreographer and creator of “Atelier Initiation au lakou”. Laura was born in Haiti, to a family of artists, her parents being the creators of the legendary musical group Boukman Eksperyans. In Haiti, artistic expression is part of everyday life used as a form of expression in order to face the challenges that life presents. She grew up in an atmosphere where the woman is the “Poto Mitan” (literary translation: Pole of the middle) around which culture and tradition are enriched and passed on. It is through dance, music, painting, drawing and writing that we share what needs to be expressed. Laura’s training in classical dance, modern jazz, Afro etc, began at the school of Lavigna Williams at the age of 3 and furthered at ARTCHO with Jean-Guy Saintus and Jean-René Delsoin. These early experiences and teachings provided a technical basis for her movements and gestures. Laura’s choreography experiences on stage with Boukman Eksperyans and being indifferent "Lakou" ceremony established a deep root in the essentials which advocated a return to the source of being in deep connection with the soul.

Laura later moved to Switzerland and graduated with a degree in interior architecture and is currently in art therapy training in Lausanne. She created a unique workshop called ‘ESSENCE’ with her company ‘ADJAE Atelier Creation’ which she established in 2005, where attention is focused towards the consciousness of body and mind. Through a pedagogy adapted to all audiences, at all levels, Laura teaches the essence of traditional Haitian dance. These workshops, which are led either alone or accompanied by professionals in different associations, foundations, and schools in Switzerland or elsewhere; are a place for meeting and sharing in a spirit of mutual creation. Her artistic performances always aim for a spiritual journey. They become a way to tell a story that reminds the individual of a song already heard in the heart. This style of dance focuses on the form of each movement, step by step, in melodic and rhythmic cycles. These dance classes are taught with ‘live’ or audio singing and percussion accompaniment and end with a choreography that students perform together, like a large family in a single ‘Lakou’.

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