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Peniel Guerrier, teacher, choreographer, performer and founder of Kriye Bode, focuses on research, preservation, education, promotion and presentation of Haitian culture in terms of music and dance. He began his formal dance training in 1987 under the supervision of the most prestigious teacher in Haiti, Herve Maxi. Subsequently, Peniel danced with the National Dance Theater for 8 years and toured all over the world: Venezuela, Paris, Hungary, Japan, Germany, Montreal, Santo-Domingo and the United States. During this time, he also toured with the Bacoulou Dance Company.

Peniel’s vision has different aspects, but the most important is to establish and extend the Haitian folkloric structure and technique. Peniel Guerrier draws on his extensive knowledge of Haitian folkloric dance to create original combinations within the different traditional Haitian rhythms. His dances enhance the energy and flow of traditional forms with beautiful, vivid body shapes. Peniel is highly regarded as a teacher because of his thoroughness, his kindness, and the individual attention he gives to students of all levels. Peniel has been teaching Haitian dance structure for the past 15 years. Currently, he teaches at Djoniba Dance and Drum Center (Peridance) New York, Fit 4 Dance Brooklyn, PMT studio in NYC, and different public schools and universities throughout the New-York area.

Peniel’s dance and teaching experience has provided him with numerous opportunities to work with individuals of varied ages, backgrounds and cultures all over the world. His teaching has included work with children where he was successful in providing them with not only an appreciation of dance, rhythm and an understanding of the Haitian culture, but an introduction to the concepts of teamwork and cooperation.

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