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Shirley Sainte is an exuberantly-enthusiastic fitness professional that has been teaching in various communities throughout the Southwest region of the United States, on both a personal and group basis, for over a decade. She holds a Certificate of Personal Trainer, Weight Management Specialist and Group Instructor via (National Council of Certified Personal Trainers). Fitness and good health has always been an important factor in her life. As a child she began dancing in a 1983 Haitian Dance Troop (Anacaona) of Brooklyn, NY.

In 2009 Shirley and her community of Haitian Artist friends and family formed Racine Kreyol Haitian Dance Troop and Band, birthing a lively Caribbean culture into Albuquerque. Encouraging people to become stronger and more confident, throughout their wellness journey no matter the modality, is her goal.

Shirley's approach fitness to and wellness with the participants perspective in mind, by understanding their experiences, lifestyles and how their unique bodies move.

Routines are based on improving functional movement, core stability, agility and balance. Movements are combined with the proper dose of endurance and flexibility, based on her participants wants, needs and abilities. Consistently keeping others motivated and excited about health and wellness by making every workout fun, challenging and unique. She currently teaches, Traditional Haitian Dance, Aqua Fitness, Silver Sneaker, Matrix Boot Camp Training , Personal Training in Albuquerque, New Mexico .

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